I'm passionate about building tools that empower people. I usually build in Typsescript and Python. Currenly fixated on LLMs, Chat interfaces , and Civic tech.

Also a fan of Real Estate, specifically Co-Living and Equitable ownership

I received my B.A, in Computer Science from Grinnell College. I originally went in to be an architect until finding out their architecture program was disolved a year before I got there. lol. After graduating, I worked at Outcome Health as an Android engineer. Continued on to Subletinn as a Front-End engineer working with React.js, Node.js, Express.js, and started some backend work. I created Loggia Inc with a few of my engineering friends, honing my skills as a full-stack developer and Engineering Manager.
After working with amazing clients these past couple years, I'm excited for the next level of my engineering journey.

I am currently working on Chat-ui-first designs, AI/ML Embeddings, and large scale tools for civic empowerment